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Garage Door New Opener Installation

For all your new garage door installations and garage door motor repairs, Lafayette Garage Door Services has the perfect people trained and specialized for it and who can do the perfect job for you! Our technicians are fully equipped in providing the best and efficient service to every customer who needs our assistance for all their garage door motor problems.

Our expert technical team at Lafayette Garage Door Services is specialized in handling all brands and models of garage door motors. Customers have absolutely no cause for worry once they entrust their garge door motor installation and repair work to our expert technicians. Our technicians have undergone series of rigorous trainings in handling and resolving garage door motor issues which have made them specialists to handle the most challenging and complex garage door motor installations and repairs! They have not only familiarized themselves with every brand and model of garage door motors available in the market today, but know all their intricate mechanisms like the back of their hand which enables them to fix the most complicated problem without making our customers wait for too long! Their professionalism and intelligence make everything flow smoothly and swiftly.

Lafayette Garage Door Services technicians are specialized in all the well known and popular brands and their different models that are available in the market today. Some of popular brands that Lafayette Garage Door Services deals in are Genie, Craftsman, LiftMaster, and Chamberlain which are all handled on a daily basis by our specialized garage door motor technicians.

Besides fixing garage door motors, our expert technicians can also make any kind of adjustment to the garge door motors as per the need of our customers. This is something that should be left to the hands of experts because any attempt to fix or adjust the motors wills likely end unresolved. It might even be a start of a more serious garage motor problem in the future.

Our technicians at Lafayette Garage Door Services are also experienced to repair sensors. Sensors helps to protect anyone operating the garge door from getting injured. The sensor controls the garge door from closing if there is anyone standing within a certain distance from the door. At times, the sensors can develop complications and not work properly – in such cases our technicians can help you fix the issue and get them back to their original working condition.

You can trust our technicians who are all certified, insured and bonded to advice and give suitable solutions for installing, repairing or replacing any of your garage doors. They are experts at identifying the root cause of any issues related to garage doors and coming up with long terms solutions within minutes helping customers not only to save time but money as well! The ability and confidence of our technicians to fix any kind of garage door related issues increases the trust of our customers’ because with them handling their garage door, they know that the safety and security of their home is not in the hands of amateurs but with highly trained and experienced garage door technicians of Lafayette Garage Door Services.

Not only are our technicians experts installing garage doors motors and fixing other problems related to garage door motors and other related parts, they are also highly skilled installing new keypads and in programming new remotes. Remotes make the operation and use of garge door more convenient and easier. Unlike earlier garage door which required manual effort, the latest types can be operated with ease with the help of remotes. Our technicians at Lafayette Garage Door Services are adept at programming all kinds and types of remotes and even to customize it to meet the requirements of our customers. They can also help to install new keypads to make your job even easier. Our technicians also takes time to educate our customers about basic remote options for easy handling and patiently clears any doubts that our customers may about how to get the optimum life from their garage doors.

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